It was the Ex’s birthday today. For days, she’s been asking me what she should do to celebrate. My answer has been, repeatedly, “do whatever you want to do! It’s your birthday!”

So finally, this morning, she decided she wanted to get dinner. With kiddo, but also with me.

Okay, whatever. I know trouble when I hear it, and this was going to be trouble.

But we went anyway.

And the whole flipping time she was rude, dramatic, nosy, snarky, and just downright unpleasant.

Of course, she wanted details about Christina. She wanted to know all about her. And she wanted kiddo to spill as many beans as possible. It was awkward for everybody. She was asking her questions like, “how does it feel, that your daddy is dating somebody” and all kinds of other loaded questions. And she had the audacity to say that she was going to wait to date until the divorce papers were signed.

Like that mattered when she moved in with the other guy. The guy she is still living with.

Give me a fucking break. As if she’s taking the high road in all of this.

Delusional. Abso-fucking-lutely delusional.

I just kept my mouth shut.


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