Not much to report, really. Kiddo is still sick. She coughs and coughs until she gags and pukes. I’ve cleaned up more barf over the last two weeks than in the past, I don’t know, six years? Maybe longer. And even then, she might have barfed more as a baby but in terms of quantity she’s breaking records every day. It’s just crazy. The school nurse called me today and suggested that I check out this particular type of asthma, she’s seen it in a couple kids recently and they are being treated with albuterol inhalers. I’m ready to try anything.

Christina gets home this weekend. Kiddo is hopefully going out of town this weekend, so I’m hoping to spend some time with Christina. Go out and do something fun, not need to worry about kiddo for a while.

Work has been frustrating. I finally found the words to express my frustration, mainly over a lack of clarity about exactly what I’m responsible for there. I told my boss and the other three department leaders that most of us just aren’t sure what is expected of us. One of them was surprised, the other two agreed with me. Our boss says we’re going to fix that. I hope that means that he listens to us when we tell him that the one department head is not a team player…we just have to find a diplomatic way of saying that. More meetings will ensue, I’m sure.

P invited a bunch of us out to the theatre for a trivia night. I’m going to skip it. I don’t feel like seeing her…or going out of my way to see her.



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