Adventures in single parenting:

I decided to take kiddo out for dinner yesterday evening. She’s had this weird cough for about two weeks now; it’s not bad enough to keep her home, and she’s starting to clear things out, so I felt like we were safe. Boy was I wrong.

We hadn’t been in the restaurant ten seconds when I heard her start to cough. I look over at kiddo just in time to see her puke.

There was a waitress about ten feet away. I tried to get her attention…all I could get out was, “she threw up!” and then I was pushing kiddo out the door before she could hurl again.

She did puke again outside. A family had just been leaving the restaurant, so someone inside must have asked them where the barf came from and I got them to tell the staff member that it was my daughter.

We walked back to the car. I had kiddo swish some water in her mouth and spit it out. She threw up because she coughed up some phlegm and it grossed her out. She asked if we could go back in…I said, “no, I don’t think we’ll be showing our faces in there for a while.” She knew I wasn’t mad. We just picked a different restaurant to go to.

Adventures in single parenting, indeed.


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