I had a pretty good weekend!

On Saturday I went on a date with Christina. She drove up and we walked on the trail for over six miles. Got home, went out for lunch. Then kiddo and I had to head up to the theater, but Christina drove up again and saw the show. And then we all went out and got ice cream afterwards. Of all the women I’ve met online, she is the only one who exceeded my expectations in real life. The others either didn’t look the way they did in their pictures, or they turned out to be kind of weird and clingy. Christina isn’t going out of her way to meet me every day…as a matter of fact, she’s getting ready to leave for a three-week cruise so we aren’t going to see much of each other for a little while. But we’ll see each other one more time before she leaves. But she’s not clingy…she has goals…she’s beautiful…she’s smart…she’s the only one who I would be fairly comfortable introducing to my parents. I almost introduced them at the show but chickened out.

I’m excited to see her again. It’s helping me to get over P. I would really like to have someone special in my life as we head toward the holiday season.


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