I got to skip work today to make a presentation at a conference. The drive there was just over an hour, got there on time and checked in, saw some familiar faces. I sat through several interesting sessions and took some notes. Lunch was good, I ate with a guy who I’ve mentored a little bit and it was nice to swap stories from our respective workplaces. Then at 3:15 my presentation was up. It seemed to go well, although we lost about half the people in the room because vendor exhibits opened at the same time as my presentation. I had a couple compliments afterward. The drive home took an hour and forty minutes due to bad weather and traffic, and this other girl I went on a date with the other night really wanted to see a movie tonight but I am avoiding her because I don’t really care to see her again. Tomorrow is our next show, and then we’ll have another on Saturday, so I’m going to try to focus on that this weekend.


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