Writing in the morning for a change.

I’m feeling slightly irritated. I don’t start work until 8:30 a.m., which is a bit later than most of the people I work with because I have to be at work until around 5 p.m. and they all leave at 3:30 or so. More and more regularly they are scheduling meetings before my arrival time. Today I have a meeting scheduled for 8 a.m.; I told them I would be about 15 minutes late, but even that means that I’ll have to take kiddo to the bus stop early just so I can get to work and not miss most of the meeting. Furthermore, the meetings we have at work are disappointing. They are often meetings for the sake of meetings which I don’t agree with. There’s not a bigger waste of time than sitting in a meeting where you spend 45 minutes recapping old news, 15 minutes introducing new topics, and 0 minutes developing an action plan to see it through.

Yesterday I found out that a good friend of mine at work is leaving for another job. He’ll be here for about two weeks. We will keep in touch, I’m sure, but it’s sad to see someone go and my other good friend at work has been interviewing all summer long for other jobs and he’s gotten close on a couple of occasions so it’s possible that within the next year he’ll be out as well. And then it will be just me. I don’t like how that feels.

Tonight is for food and some Doctor Who…we don’t have rehearsal, so I’m thinking we should just take it easy. I might go for a run if I have enough energy. Or perhaps I should go for a run to get some energy…either way, I have a long evening tomorrow as we are running “dry tech” at the theatre and then on Sunday we’ll be there almost all day. Only three rehearsals with the full cast before the show opens. We are a long way from ready but I have a feeling that things will come together quickly at the end here.


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