My theatre friends started texting around today, as tomorrow is the last night of trivia and they want everyone there. Well, tough. It’s a school night and kiddo can’t be up late. I might go until 9:30. P messaged everyone and said she would probably be arriving around 9:30 and then of course a few folks started accusing us of avoiding each other, etc. etc. Veeeeerrrrrry funny. I haven’t talked to any of them in a couple weeks and frankly I’m still kind of disappointed that nothing ever happened between me and P, so I would rather not speak to them for a bit longer. I fell for her pretty hard and I feel like I’m still getting over it. The last time I felt like this I let myself get stuck back on the hook and it just led to more frustration.

Plus, things are going swimmingly with J. We got our kids together yesterday for a little bit in the park. It was nice. She is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Kiddo and I found out that we both have roles in the next theatre production. Kiddo will have an acting part and I’ll be in management, and only one of my close theatre friends will also be involved, so I’m looking forward to a show without any of that crowd participating. This is my turn. I get to do a show without them. It will be nice.

Am I a little bit angry at them? I don’t think I’m angry at them, just a bit frustrated that things didn’t go how I wanted them to and even though we’re all still friends I feel like I don’t want to spend a lot of time with any of them because I don’t like how it feels to talk to them right now.

As I write that, I do feel a bit immature, acting like this. But it is what it is.


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