I had an unusual weekend.

After meeting R and J last weekend, I had already set up second dates with them for this past weekend. R was going to come over and get some drinks on Friday night, and then J and I were going to go hiking on Saturday, and then R wanted to get together again on Sunday. I spent all week texting with both of them.

By Friday evening all of the plans were set in motion. R was at work until 9 and was going to head straight to my place when she got out. J had been with friends but her plans ended sooner than she thought they would, so she texted me and said we should go for a walk and look at the stars. I suddenly had a decision to make. Kiddo was at a friend’s house for a sleepover so I was free to do either. R was fun, but not as fun or attractive as J. After a few moments of stressful contemplation I decided to bail on R. I told her that kiddo’s sleepover wasn’t going well and that I had to go pick her up.

Yes, I lied to R so I could hang out with J.

J came over around 9:30 or 10 and we went for a walk. We talked until well past 11. Then we went back to my place and talked until about 2 in the morning. It was crazy.

I woke up on Saturday and had to get kiddo from her friend’s house. The plan was to take her to her grandmother’s house, but I ended up having to pick up kiddo and her grandmother and drive them both to the Ex’s house. All the while, J wasn’t feeling well. I told her that she could still come over and hang out, we just wouldn’t go for our hike. So after I finally got home around 1 in the afternoon, J came over. We hung out until about 7, and she had to go deliver something in York but we decided that she would come back when she was done and we’d eat dinner and keep hanging out. So that’s what happened. She got back around 8:30, we had some pizza, and just talked and talked. I thought for sure that she would eventually get bored and leave but she didn’t. By 2 in the morning we were tired but still talking. Long story made short, she ended up spending the night. We didn’t get to sleep until around 4. We slept in until about 9:30 Sunday morning. We spent more time talking. She didn’t leave until about 11. So all things considered, we were together for almost 24 hours straight.

On one hand, I’m afraid (once again) that things are moving too fast. But on the other hand, I like J more than all of the other girls I’ve dated – with the exception of P, but P just hasn’t opened up.

So that was my weekend.

In other news, it is less than one month until I turn 30. 30 certainly isn’t old, but it is definitely “grown up”. I’m no kid anymore. Getting from 20 to 30 was good at times and bad at times, and I’m determined to make the trip from 30 to 40 more good than bad. I am ready to make some progress in my life, do things the right way, really make my mark on the world and be successful.


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