Oh Good Lord, I’m slowing down on my writing. I’ve been so busy lately. I really don’t know what to write.

A couple weeks ago I signed up on the dating app Tinder just for the hell of it. It’s a very simple app – you swipe left to anonymously “Nope” somebody, and you swipe right to anonymously “Like” somebody. If two people “Like” each other then they get notified. Most people post a couple pictures and a sentence or two of text about who they are.

The one thing I noticed right away is that, generally, the women on Tinder are more attractive than those on Plenty Of Fish. I did a lot of swiping to the right. I like to flip through pictures and read too so I’m probably slower at it than most people who see the first picture and make their decision.

Well I matched up with some people and had some conversations and what do you know, I ended up going on a date with one girl last weekend. We played disc golf and had some drinks. I’m a little nervous about her because he’s getting kind of clingy and wants to hang out all weekend. We’ll call her R.

I met another girl on Monday night, she lives much closer to me and we had some drinks. She’s cute, we’re planning to go for a hike tomorrow. We have a lot in common, good conversations, it’s nice. We’ll call her J.

But I’m a real mess. I keep telling myself that I’m not interested in dating anyone, and that I just want to hang out with groups of friends, but here I am online again meeting new people and going on dates and for fuck’s sake, having girls try to get more serious with me than I really want to be. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself.


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