It’s Tuesday evening, and I’m getting by.

I’ve been keeping a hawk-like eye watch on my money this week to ensure that I don’t come up short – I’ve still got renter’s insurance and my first month of rent to pay at the new apartment, and whatever is left will have to get me through next week until I get paid again.

But I’m doing it.

I’m keeping myself busy at work, just trying to keep my mind off of how uncomfortable I am in my present situation. I’m looking forward to tomorrow night when we have trivia again and I get to see P and (hopefully) some more of my theatre friends. On Friday I might play some disc golf, either with my dad/brother or possibly a coworker depending on who can make it.

I’ve got an appointment with my counselor tomorrow – she knows nothing of what I’ve been through over the past two weeks as my last appointment happened the day of the big storm. I’m looking forward to sharing all of this with her to see what she thinks about how I have reacted to the turn of events. I am optimistic that she will be enthusiastic about how I have done and how I have a plan to survive this mess. But I also want to know if there’s something else I should have done, or more that I could be doing, or just to get some feedback from her.

My college diploma should be arriving within the next couple of weeks…I’m looking forward to hanging that on the wall of my office…put it in a nice big frame, maybe with a little label explaining how I got it without paying a penny in tuition. I’m very proud of that accomplishment, and I just signed up for another course so that I can get back on the Bachelor’s degree track.


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