Halfway through July and I’ve been rather quiet on here. It’s just been a hellish month. It’s been one week since I had to leave my apartment due to storm damage and things are coming together slowly. I am expecting to hear this afternoon whether or not I have been approved for a different apartment…depending on how that goes, I may be moving as early as this weekend or as late as August 1st. I got a call from the management agency last night saying that everything looked good so far, so I am optimistic. I just have to be able to pay for it all. I had savings, but that vacation last month ate into them and I really wasn’t prepared to pay a security deposit and first month of rent after I had just paid my rent in the old apartment.

I have put some distance between myself and everyone else during the past week. I didn’t go to trivia last week. I told C that I needed some space while I sorted all of this mess out, and she’s respected that. I chat with M every now and then but I think we’ve developed a relationship where we’re both okay with that small level of interaction right now. Nothing brewing there anyway. The Ex pushed me…hard…but has backed down a bit which I appreciate.

Kiddo is gone this week so I have some time to myself, but no money to go do anything really fun. Just saving everything for the move, if I do in fact move.


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