Original Short Story


Alex, Jacob, and Tristan were three friends. They liked to lay in the grass and look up at the clouds as they floated by.

One day, as they were looking up at the clouds, they decided to look for shapes.

“Look!” said Alex. “I see a wolf!”

“I see a shark!” said Jacob.

Tristan was sad. He didn’t see any shapes in the clouds.

The next morning Tristan went to school. All of the children were talking about what had happened the night before. Tristan listened closely.

“Did you hear about Alex? All they found was his blood, and some wolf hair!”

“Yeah! And did you hear about Jacob? His room was full of water and there were giant bite marks in his bed!”

Tristan couldn’t believe his ears. He ran home from school and told his mother that he was sick.

Later that afternoon, Tristan went outside. He looked up into the sky. He watched as the clouds passed by. One big cloud looked like a sad face with a frown and angry eyes. Tristan ran to his mother and pulled her outside to see the cloud.

“I don’t see anything honey, but that cloud over there looks like a bear! Now get back inside for dinner, and then you’ll go to bed early so you feel better tomorrow.”

Tristan hardly ate, and he went to bed early. He couldn’t sleep. Feeling anxious, he looked out his window and there, across the yard, was a familiar shape. More than a shape, a face. A sad, frowning face with angry eyes. He jumped back in fright. He looked out the window again and it was gone.

Tristan got up and went to his parents room to tell them about his scare. He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He called out for his mom and dad, and there was still no answer. He pushed open the door, and in the dim light he could see that their bed was covered in blood. There were large animal prints leading from the bed to the window. They looked like bear tracks.

Tristan didn’t know what to do. He spun around. And there was the sad, frowning face with angry eyes.


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