I haven’t written for what seems like a while now. Vacation was great. Everything went perfectly, I think. I feel quite a bit more rested than before, which will be nice as we get through the rest of this busy summer. I do believe it’s time to start planning our next trip.

I have a big week planned. On Monday night I have a date with C. We’re going to a baseball game! We have been texting every day and we have an incredible amount in common. She is very easy to talk to, we have opened up to each other quickly. I’m very much looking forward to spending the evening with her 🙂

On Wednesday I’m going out with my theatre friends for trivia and drinks. Girl #1 – who I will now call P – will be there. We still have to plan our trip to the city that she agreed to. Now that I have C to talk to all the time, I feel less frustrated by how distant P is, but I still like her and I’m still holding out hope that something might come out of it all.

Kiddo will be at an ice skating camp this week, which is giving me time off to do those things.


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