Posting this from the beach 🙂

I had an interesting weekend. On Friday I was up early, got ready to go on my date, super stoked. Got to the place I was supposed to meet this girl and waited for an hour. Totally got stood up. She said her best friend had to go to the hospital and she had to watch her kids, blah blah blah, so sorry. I said fine. No biggy. I was disappointed though, I had really been looking forward to the date. So on the way home I wound up messaging another girl and took a risk and asked her if she wanted to meet up even though we had only just started chatting. She had to work, being a Friday, but she was willing to throw out some alternatives. We ended up agreeing that if we had any time on Sunday we would go out. Well, I had to do some maneuvering with the Ex to get her to hang out with kiddo on Sunday but I managed to free up the late morning and early afternoon so I ended up having a date with this new girl. I’m tired of using numbers, so this girl will be called C. We had brunch at a nice place downtown and then walked over to a shady little spot to talk for a while. We ended up being out together for about 3 hours and really hit it off. I’m looking forward to taking her out again when I get back from vacation.

The rest of Sunday was weird; it was Father’s Day, so the Ex and kiddo took me out for dinner. The Ex started crying at the table, I don’t know why, she was super emotional, she nit-picked kiddo all evening, and she forgot to bring my share of the tax return money that she knew I wanted to take along on vacation, so after dinner I asked her if she could stop and get it and she got all upset. It was awful. I hated putting pressure on her. I wish I didn’t need the money but for Christ’s sake, it’s my tax return too and she’s been stalling for over a month now.

Got up early this morning, loaded up the car, picked up the mail, and stopped for an oil change – ended up getting a new serpentine belt and a filter, and two bulbs replaced. Cost over $200 but I had some peace of mind driving my old car three hours to the beach. And we made it, so I’m not going to complain. Now to figure out what to do (or not to do) for the next three days 🙂


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