I woke up earlier than I needed to today. Reason: I have a date.

Since my last post I have started chatting with several other girls from the online dating site. One of them has a lot in common with me, there seemed to be something there, so we are going to one of the national parks for the day to walk around and see the sights. Should be fun. My biggest fear is driving my car out there; for one, it’s an old man car, and secondly, it’s got some issues. If she offers to drive I’ll gladly accept. But this is also a test of sorts, if my car can make it there I’ll feel a lot better about the drive to the beach we are supposed to make next week.

I also have a potential date lined up with a different girl tomorrow. The way I see it, there’s no point in trying to wait around for girl #1 to start showing interest in me. I’ve been hung up on her for a while and deserve to have fun when I want to have fun, I’m getting back out there and meeting new people and it’s good for me.

As an added bonus, I stepped on the scale this morning to see 185.5. I have officially lost 40 pounds. Today is the first day I can say that, I’ve been as close as a half pound away several times but never actually crossed the line until today. So congratulations to me. I am doing good things with my life. I should feel good about it.


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