I read a great post over at INFP Central – it included some fun wordles that described INFP strengths, weaknesses, likes, heroes, etc. In addition to sharing a link, I thought I’d post the wordles here as well. They were really good.

INFP Strengths


INFP Weaknesses


INFP Hobbies


 INFP Heroes


No big shockers, that I can see anyway. Since I just wrote a post about my own heroes, I found this list to be very insightful. I found myself shaking my head in agreement with many of them. No surprise that reading seems to be the top INFP hobby, and empathy is high on both the strengths and weaknesses lists. And so it is – empathy is great, but there are also plenty of times when it really sucks to be able to understand how someone else is feeling…when you really don’t want to.


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