Excellent visit with my counselor today. We had a lot to celebrate. I told her about my recent successes – asking out girl #1, starting to play Ultimate again, etc., and she was very pleased. As am I. I have made great progress and it has been fun to document it on this blog.

I have some homework this time. I like homework. I have to schedule my vacation by next Monday, as in put in for my time off from work. I would like to have the vacation planned out as well – where we’re going, for how long, how much it might cost, that sort of thing. I also need to write a list of my accomplishments down and then keep adding to it. The idea is to have some way of reminding myself of all the good things I’ve done so that I’m not as anxious to keep pushing myself to improve. I’m going to read back through my earlier posts on this blog to build my current list, and then I will keep a running list somewhere – maybe here, maybe somewhere else, I don’t know yet.

Much progress made, much left to make.


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