I felt the fear and did it anyway over the weekend…yesterday was the start of the local Ultimate (frisbee) league’s summer season. I played in 2011 and part of 2012, and then skipped last year. A couple weeks ago I saw that they were about to draft again and threw my hat in the ring. It’s a great way to stay in shape over the summer, even lose a couple pounds and just have some fun on Sunday evenings.

I was nervous about getting back out there. I knew I would be rusty. I was optimistic that all this running I’ve been doing lately would help me, but running a mile at a steady pace is totally different than sprinting up and down the field and making quick cuts for three hours. I was exhausted. I think one of my toenails is going to fall off, and my other ankle/foot is sore. But I did it – I got out there and played hard, and I scored a pair of goals in our second game. I’m on a great team.

Whatever happens out there, I can handle it.


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