I’ve been trying really hard to be optimistic today and just ignore the fact that I texted girl #1 and she still hasn’t gotten back to me. But that’s kind of par for the course these days. I keep telling myself that I can handle it, and I know I can, but it’s just not easy. I know it’s worth it in the long run though. I guess this is a grieving process, when you have to come to terms with unrequited admiration (I don’t want to call it love, I don’t know what love feels like anymore I guess). I just hope that my last attempt isn’t going to damage our friendship, or my friendship with other people I have met at the theatre. I’m sure that it’s just the chatterbox in my head being stupid and this will all play out better than expected. But it’s still frustrating. I wish she’d at least come back to me with a “no, I’m not interested” instead of silence…I’d like some closure…Image


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