I don’t know what I’m doing this weekend. That’s got to be, like, problem #1 to solve. It will be a three-day weekend due to the holiday and I do not want to be a bump on a log.

I got some good news. Two years ago I started teaching classes for a professional association…I have taught three thus far…and they just invited me to teach two more next year. I will get to travel several hours away from home each time, stay in a hotel, act like a big shot, the works. I get paid a stipend plus mileage as well so it’s totally worth it, financially. Looking forward to playing grown-up a couple more times.

I had a great conversation with my attorney friend. She was very supportive, gave me some good information, and did not reject my attempt to share some deeply held feelings and troubles. She said she was honored to listen. I don’t want to be that guy who is always going on and on about how rough his life is, but when I feel things deeply I want to share them with a few close friends and I think she will be one that I can do that with. Now if I can just get girl #1 to talk to me as well. That would be nice.


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