5/22/2014 Part 2

I was reading r/futurology over on Reddit and got to thinking about how crazy this world will be within the next twenty, thirty, even fifty years.

I am fairly certain that we are going to communicate with life outside of our solar system within that time frame. I don’t think it’s going to be like Close Encounters or First Contact or anything nearly that dramatic. Most people probably won’t even understand it. It won’t be face-to-face, it’s going to be like pen pals sending small messages zipping through space on radio waves. Imagine the impact on world religions when that happens.

Many jobs that exist now and seem so intertwined into daily life will disappear. Just think about how different life will be when driverless cars become the new norm. I don’t think that owning a car will be so important to people, you’ll use an app to schedule a pick-up and set your drop-off location and a car will pull up and that will be that. School bus drivers – gone. Taxi drivers – gone. Take it to the next level…airplane pilots – gone. You’ll be whisked from one end of the globe to another by a plane piloted by a computer mind and you’ll trust it completely, you won’t even second-guess the process. You’ll remember how crazy it was back when you had to drive places and stay awake during the ride. The world will be in constant, machine-like motion.

Think about how amazing life will be when energy isn’t harvested from within our own planet through some potentially damaging process. Energy will be drawn from all sorts of renewable sources. The sun. Water. Electricity from the ether that surrounds us. Tesla’s vision made reality. You won’t have to worry about finding somewhere to recharge your phone because it will never lose its charge, it will just pull energy from all around you wherever you go. Devices will never need to be turned off. They’ll always be on, always connected to the Internet of Things, always observing and analyzing their surroundings to provide you with information or entertainment.

I’m looking forward to it.


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