We have this funny view of success. We act like it only happens in public; when you’re standing at the podium, crossing a finish line, or being carried away on shoulders. Everyone clapping, congratulating you, trying to shake your hand. But that’s not success. That’s what happens after success happens. What is success? It’s that time that you felt fat and tired and tried to run a mile and every step you took sent waves of pain through your feet, through your ankles and knees, through your chest and your neck and your forehead, but you kept going. Success is that time you opened up the fridge to grab a drink and your hand reached out for the soda, and the alarms went off in your head, and you pulled your hand back and drank a glass of water. Success is when you were sitting in the meeting at work and questioned something, actually opened your mouth and offered an alternative to the status quo. Success happens every time we do something we think we can’t. Every time we do something we’re afraid of. All those people we celebrate as successes…they did those things too and nobody was there to clap for them or pat them on the back. They did those things ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times before they did it in front of the rest of us and we realized how successful they were. They were up, alone, late at night and early in the morning while we were sad, tired, lonely, sleeping. For the one public success they celebrate, they celebrated many, many smaller yet equally important successes while nobody else was looking. So what is stopping you? What’s holding you back from being like them? I’ll tell you this – stop thinking about the end result. Stop thinking about the public victory as if it’s the only thing that matters, because it’s not. Start celebrating every little victory you can because some day you’ll look back at those of us who didn’t and you’ll know why you’re being carried away while we’re still sitting on the couch.


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