5/9/2014 Part 2

I wasn’t sure if I should post this here, but I figured it won’t hurt. Just a quick observation about something that happened this evening.

Kiddo and I walked down the street to the ice cream place. It was packed and we were in line behind some folks who were waiting for their stuff to be made, and I guess it was a father and mother and daughter. I wasn’t paying much attention. But I heard the girl say something about not being able to find anyone who liked “that stuff”, and then she said “like Doctor Who” and then she said something about The Walking Dead and of course kiddo, who is always listening, picked up on that. Her eyes got all big and she said to me, “Dad she likes what you like”, and of course I’m all awkward now. Awkward because I see an opportunity to connect with someone who has something in common with me, and the girl is kind of pretty, and I can totally see us hitting it off. But I just kept my mouth shut.

Still waiting. The father and mother get their ice cream and walk away. The girl is standing there waiting for her stuff. Kiddo keeps dropping hints at me. “Dad, your shirt is almost TARDIS blue.” She says it loud enough that the girl hears her. I’ve got to speak up now; I say “she heard you say Doctor Who”. Kiddo goes off about all the Doctor Who stuff she’s got. The girl plays along. Her stuff is ready, she gets it and walks away.

Kiddo and I order. Kiddo gets her ice cream and disappears. I’m waiting for my ice and I can hear kiddo talking to the girl behind me somewhere. I get my ice…I find kiddo. Yep, they’re chatting now. Kiddo is raving about the two sonic screwdrivers she has. The girl asks where she got them. I’m looking around…everywhere but at the girl. I glance at her, give a little smile, chuckle a little bit. She’s smiling. Kiddo is smiling and talking. I don’t know what to do…is this where people introduce themselves? I don’t know.

I ask kiddo if she’s ready to walk home, half expecting her to beg me to hang around for a few more minutes and half hoping that she’d give me a reason to stick around. No, she’s ready. I look at the girl again…brief eye contact…I smile and laugh again…and walk away.

I think they call that a missed connection.


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