Just a couple notes:

April was a record month for me. I wrote more blog posts in April than I ever have before, on this blog or any other blog that I can recall. I think that’s a good sign. This has been a very healthy thing for me, and I thank you all for sharing in it.

I deactivated my Facebook profile today. I’m just so tired of checking it all the time…and for what? To get a few likes, to comment back and forth, whatever. I want human connections…my counselor and I talked about it this week. Not superficial relationships, but a few real, authentic, deep relationships with people that I can be myself around. Social media is great for an introvert like me that needs time and distance to observe and analyze people before making a connection, but Facebook just wasn’t doing anything constructive for me. It was just a way for me to see pictures of people doing things that I wish I could do, and to see who was online and posting stuff just to get some acknowledgement from people. I did this a year or two ago for several months and it was actually quite nice. The worrier in me says, “what if you miss a birthday?”, or “what if you don’t post a picture of kiddo doing something momentous?” Whatever. I lived the first 20 years of my life without it, I think I’ll be fine without it now.


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