What is it that you desire most?

This video…wow. I cried, I’ll admit it. The man truly witnessed happiness. How? Not by withdrawing. Not by hiding in his house watching Netflix. Not by putting his earbuds in and avoiding eye contact. He engaged the world, he engaged the people and the plants and the animals. He improved their condition, which in turn improved his own. I want that life. I think at some point in the past I had that life, or a glimpse of it anyway. I still hold the door for people. I gave a sandwich to a homeless man once. But it’s all fleeting, I feel that I have never witnessed the day-to-day improvements. Have I? Do they happen and I just don’t see them? What separates me from being that person, being in those situations? Sometimes it is not just as simple as giving either, people must be willing to receive as well. And I think that is where you see the growth over time, when you work day by day to build trust, serve, and show compassion without expectation.


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