I’ve been using Good.co for a while now and I really like the discovery tools that they offer. I thought it would be good to record my results here.

For my “personal canvas”, I got the following result:


A free-thinking creative who dislikes conflict, the Dreamer prefers to create art, not war. Imaginative, introverted, and independent, they flourish when they’re allowed to generate their own unique ideas behind the scenes.

Admit it: when you were little, you wanted to be Bob Ross when you grew up. As a free-spirited creative, you prefer to do your own thing and keep to yourself. Team brainstorming sessions likely drive you nuts – you’re apt to spend the time coming up with solutions in your own mind rather than talking them out with the team. You’re also very perceptive, and constantly observing your surroundings and analyzing others. A true introvert, you need time to recharge after interacting with people. You’re kind of like a Tootsie Pop – it takes some time to crack your exterior, but those who do will discover a caring, warm-hearted and interesting soul.

And for my preferred “workplace approach”:

You tend to be accommodating and considerate of others. You are likely to be very adaptable. You are often willing to change yourself to fit in with the requirements of others. You might find yourself taking on different roles within a team. You will generally speak up for fairness. You may find yourself reluctant to strongly push your own ideas or opinions. You are a believer in team credit and team success. You might find yourself on the path your boss wants as opposed to yours.

You tend to be more of a persuader rather than a dominant leader. You are very encouraging of people. You are good at delegating work and getting people involved. You are likely to be friendly and relaxed with others. You tend be among the most likable on a team.

You tend to like a fast-paced environment. You might get bored with anything slow and methodical. You are happiest when projects develop quickly. You tend to dislike sticking to a schedule. You might treat deadlines as flexible guidelines rather than requirements. You’d much rather manage your own time having to fit with another’s calendar. You tend to be independent and like to do things in your own way.

I mean, wow! Those are some spot-on results. I have literally nothing to add.

Find out your own results at Good.co. Sign-up is required.


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