I mentioned BlahTherapy in my last post. What a neat website. I have vented several times, but yesterday and today I have focused on the listening role and it has been very satisfying. I have talked people through a variety of issues. People have anxiety about all sorts of things. Some just want affirmation of their significance and value in this world. Others are leading double lives or have secrets that they want to come clean about. Others are afraid of change. With each, I have made listening my first priority. Then, based on what I hear, I choose a tone and I communicate with them in a supporting and encouraging way. I give advice when asked. Sometimes I share personal experiences. Relationship questions are the toughest…I do the best I can to understand all sides, and I try to reflect that understanding in my responses and suggestions. Each of the five people I have listened to have expressed gratitude for having some one to vent to. I think that this is a service that should be available to everyone; mental health is so misunderstood and overlooked.


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