Today was a hell of a roller coaster.

I took kiddo to ice skating, and then her grandma picked her up. She’s going to have her all weekend, and probably Monday too since we’re all going to get snowed in tomorrow night. Things were going pretty well, up to that point.

I had previously planned to take her to the theatre to see the latest show, but since she wasn’t going to be able to go I decided to go to the matinee show since I hadn’t seen that cast yet. I got to the theatre just to find out that they had sold out of tickets. Girl #1 was standing in the office and my mind went blank and I said, “well then I’ll take one for tonight”, so I walked out of the theatre with a ticket for the evening show.


I had four hours to kill. I was flustered.

I drove all the way home and dropped my rent off at the landlord’s house. Then I drove to work and tied up a few loose ends. I was sitting at my desk and something felt funny on my leg, and I looked down and there was a huge hole in my jeans. I finished up and went home to change my pants. Changed into my other jeans and headed out the door again. Got to the city around 4:30…still two hours to kill. I went looking for some new jeans. Went to two stores, and neither had a very good assortment of jeans. Still needed to kill time. I drove to the sports store and browsed their selection of clothes, bike parts, shoes, and running equipment. Still had time to kill. I ended up stopping at Subway. I paid with a $20, but the cashier rang it up as a $10 and when I realized the change was wrong he had to count everything in his drawer. Yep, he rang it up wrong. That was way more stressful than it needed to be. Finished my dinner. Okay, by that time it was 6:00. I drove to the theatre. On the way, the Ex calls me and wants to hang out later. Ugh, I don’t want to. She is pushy. I tell her I’ll think about it and let her know at 9 p.m. when she gets out of work. I go into the theatre. Friends are there, excellent. I sit with them during the show. More good times. Show ends at 8:30, friends say they might go get drinks later on. I’m in. I stuck around to talk to friends, so it’s 9 p.m. by the time I walk out the door. I text the Ex and tell her I don’t want to go out, I’m tired. Yes, I know it’s a lie, but I know how she works – any other excuse and she’ll be up my butt. She’s up my butt anyway. I stop for gas, then head over to the restaurant. The Ex calls me; her feelings are hurt. I talk her down. I go inside and end up getting a Long Island Iced Tea and some cheese fries, it’s an excellent time. Girl #1 is there. I do pretty good at just being cool. I get home around 11 p.m. I’m glad things went the way they did, but I’m kinda sad that my favorite jeans ripped.


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