I’m getting by. I am okay. I may not be living my ideal life, but I am okay and that is what counts.

I am resilient.

Spending almost $900 to fix my car was not an easy thing to do. Then again, saving that much money to be able to spend on my car was not that easy either. I had other plans for that savings, but it’s gone now and it’s time to start building the reserve back up. I still have some money saved, although I may need to tap into it to get by the next two weeks. Rent is due in two days and I’ve got to make a car payment as well.

I should be getting some money from my web design biz, so that’s good.

I might get some more money from my flex spending account. That would also be good.

Taxes need to be filed. I don’t know what that’s going to look like. I’m hoping it’s a wash.

I read a good article about fear this morning. I have identified many things in my life that I fear, and I recognize when those fears impede my ability to take action to improve my life. It’s always something…the fear of rejection, of failure, of overstepping my authority at work, of looking like a fool in front of people, etc. Instead of trying to avoid fear, or “conquer” fear, I just need to accept that fear will always be a part of me. All change is met with feelings of fear. For the rest of my life I will be afraid of things. I cannot let that stop me from pursuing my ideal life. Whether it’s speaking up at work, asking someone on a date, getting up on a stage, or putting in a job application, I need to accept those feelings of fear as indicators that I am taking the necessary risks to get where I want to be.


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