Today I got terrible news. And even though I am anxious and worn down and frustrated, I recognize that I am better off today than I was yesterday, or a week ago, or a year ago. It may cost me $850 to fix my car to pass inspection, but I can plug that number into my budget and know that even after I pay that bill there will still be money left over. I have saved my money for this very reason, to be able to survive unexpected problems and rainy days. This is a trial, yes, but it is also a success. It is proof that I am stronger now than I was before. It is evidence that my plan to get back on my feet is working. Life threw a large burden upon me, and although my knees buckled and my back strained and my arms and legs burned, I lifted it. And I will carry it as long as I have to, until it seems like nothing more than a pebble to me.



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