It’s been an interesting week.

On Tuesday night and Wednesday morning we had the worst ice storm I can remember. The power went out around 5:30 Wednesday morning and didn’t come back on until around 3:30 or 4 yesterday afternoon, almost 60 hours later. We spent Wednesday night at the Ex’s house, because she had power. Then Thursday night we stayed at my parents’ house even though they didn’t have power. They had kerosene heaters, lamps, a generator, all that stuff. It was rough. It only takes a few hours without something as “basic” as electricity to make you realize how good you’ve got it. Our house got down into the 40’s, maybe even the 30’s. Everything in the fridge went bad. Thank God the water pipes didn’t freeze. There are tons of branches down in the yard that I’ll have to clean up eventually…but I’ll need to buy a saw or hatchet first.

The power outage was widespread. Kids were out of school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I think we’ll get Wednesday’s absence credited to us (employees), and on Thursday and Friday I worked on phone problems so I’m counting those as days worked so I don’t need to use any personal or vacation time. But I had to drag kiddo around with me everywhere, which I felt bad about, but it worked out okay.

Today kiddo placed 2nd in her skill level at the state ice skating competition, so that was awesome. She’s with her grandma for the night, so I’m hanging out at home. I’ll do some laundry, clean the kitchen and dishes, get organized. Tomorrow I’ll get kiddo back and we’ll have to prep for what I hope turns out to be a full week of school. These breaks are just killing me. I’m so ready for spring.

Valentine’s Day is coming up…I don’t know what to do…the Ex wants to go out for drinks after she gets out of work on Friday. I don’t have any other plans…girl #1 is busy with the play…I could go see the play, but I don’t want it to be weird for anybody…kiddo is going with bowling with her grandma that night, so I don’t really have anything to be responsible for, so I should take advantage of it somehow.


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