I got to watch the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham this evening. What a fascinating spectacle. I was impressed by the civility between the two. Sure, there was disagreement – vehement, sometimes – but it never turned personal. Both remained classy.

While both stated their cases well, I felt that Nye spent too much time debating the finer points of some of Ham’s more radical viewpoints. I think he put himself on the ropes in that situation and played into Ham’s strengths. But tactics aside, the event highlighted – to me anyway – the vast amount of common ground that does exist between science and religion. I don’t claim that any one theory holds more water than another. What I do think is that science presents us with what we can measure, and offers a means whereby we can use technology to refine those measurements and come up with reasonably accurate predictions. Religion provides us with a context, for it seems that science will never be able to fully explain why we and all of the universe around us exists. Science reveals the parts and pieces, religion reveals the purpose. Where we get screwed up is when we exclude theories because they can’t be measured or observed, and also when we ignore measurements and observations because they don’t jive with our theories.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but that’s how I feel about it right now. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time 🙂

Here’s the video, if you missed it. I hope the next one is a rap battle. Just sayin’.


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