I’m tired today. I went to bed around 1 a.m. last night so I expected to sleep in, but I didn’t roll out of bed until after 11 this morning. And ever since then, I’ve just been feeling groggy and unmotivated. I have no desire to leave the house. The WiFi stopped working so I’ve just been cleaning all day. Laundry, dishes, organizing paperwork, packing book bags, shuffling piles from point A to point B and back again. I feel much more put together now, which is good. But I don’t feel any less-tired.

I have applied to several jobs over the past two or three weeks. I did the first one just to prove to myself that I could. The last couple have almost been like cheating on my current job. I feel so unused and lacking in purpose at my current job. It’s sad because I didn’t feel that way before this past summer…in fact, I felt hyper-motivated and purposeful just a year or so ago. But I have come to realize that my current employer is not ready to take big steps into the 21st century when it comes to running a transparent and connected organization. We are very good at producing a uniform product..the downside is, that product is human beings, and I have no desire to put kids in boxes all day every day for the rest of my life. I crave a career with meaning, one that doesn’t feel like a job, one that rewards my hard work with a sense of purpose and a knowledge at the end of the day that I am making the world a better place. Unfortunately, there aren’t many jobs like that around here. And my lack of a Bachelor’s degree prohibits me from even being considered at many jobs where I might have a chance at feeling fulfilled.

What does that leave for me? I’m not sure. Based on my INFP personality type:

“…the INFP personality type is one of the very few types whose ideal career list includes service-oriented roles.”

“Combined with creativeness, this personality trait makes INFPs skillful counselors, social workers, or psychologists. Some other typical careers make excellent use of such personality characteristics as well – many INFPs can be found in academia or other related professions.”

“Overall, the INFP personality type is very rare, complex and enigmatic – INFPs seek careers that are more than just jobs. People with this personality type need to know that what they do strongly resonates with their internal values and core principles. As already mentioned, there are quite a few careers highly suitable for INFPs – they simply need to find a worthy cause.”

The site also listed religious work and writing as possible career options for INFPs.

I have a couple good options in front of me:

I am in a good, stable job now. There is room for growth. I am heading up a subcommittee with a good deal of latitude and the ability to push for innovation. I would like to see where that goes. The end result may be something very positive and motivating for me.

I am in school. I need to finish my Associate’s degree requirements…just one or two more classes! Then I can begin working toward the Bachelor’s degree. That’s another two years…I’ll be 31, maybe 32 when I graduate. That’s still very young, plenty of time to use that degree to segue into something else.

I could go out on my own. I’ve fancied the idea of becoming a life coach, which requires no degree and provides lots of opportunities to help individuals (which would be very meaningful). I could get certified pretty quickly, but seems like it may be a job for a more extroverted person? I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I could always run for office again, but my chances of winning as a non-affiliated candidate are slim to none.

I’ve got options. I need to carefully consider them and then strike while the iron is hot, while I’m still young and full of energy (except for days like today).


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