1/21/2014 Part 2


I am having an introvert attack, and so I feel like maybe this would be a good time to write something down and document what I’m thinking. I have the Ex texting me, and she brought up a tweet that girl #2 had mentioned me in about going to get Chinese, and the Ex wants to know if girl #2 is asking me out, and girl #2 is being a total weirdo but I know it’s just because I keep stringing her along by telling her I want to go out with her, but she’s a psycho bitch and she’s stalking me on FB and Twitter and every other God forsaken website out there, and I need to cut that tie and I just need space from everybody, but I wish that there was one person in this world that I could share these things with and just be straight with, but there is nobody, and I wish that it was somebody, and I wish I could write this stuff on Facebook but I can’t because there are people on there that would see it that I don’t want to see it, and I don’t want everybody to worry about me, just the special few people who would be my closest friends, so I’m very very upset right now and I want to ignore girl #2 and I want the Ex to stop asking me about other people asking me out and girl #3 (what is with M names?) is great except I’m not attracted to her and she lives way far away and all she wants is sex, which I’m really not interested in given the sexual weirdness that is going on with the Ex and girl #2 right now, so I really just need some space and peace and quiet for a change.

And I want, more than anything else, to just tell girl #1 how I feel about her and just GET IT OUT OF THE WAY but I know that if I do that I’ll probably just scare her away and make anything at the theater that we ever do again really awkward, so I don’t want to do that, I just need to talk to somebody. Maybe the guru is the right person, I don’t know what to do.



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