1/3/2014 Part 2

I’m feeling pretty pissed off right now. During the snow yesterday I was tweeting and today my boss came to me and asked me not to tweet during the school day. He gave me some BS line about reporters “fishing” for information, and he must have seen that I had tweeted out our delay and that someone at the newspaper had responded to me.

Frankly, I say it’s nobody’s business. Every personal call, text, email, tweet, instagram, or conversation falls under the category of “things that happen at work routinely yet, when done in small amounts, don’t seem to cause trouble”. I’ve seen other administrator’s cell phones, I know they’re doing it too. He wasn’t angry, on the surface, just direct and what bothers me the most is the fact that I think he’s misguided. I tweeted out that we were delaying…why? Because our district doesn’t tweet our delays and cancellations, and I wanted people to know. Now, we ended up tweeting it, which I think is funny because it goes against the rules of our “pilot” program. But here I am, doing what I consider to be the right thing in disseminating information to the public, and I get shit for it.

I’m on the verge of being noisy about this shit. We don’t have any social media guidelines because nobody would listen to me for the last three years when I said we needed them. And here we are, we’ve got teachers making Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for classroom use and I get shit for tweeting during the school day. Bullshit! As chair of the social media subcommittee, I’m going to use my stump to promote all kinds of social media shit that they don’t really want to hear about, but feel pressured into giving a passing glance to.


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