The kiss on Sunday’s show was the best one yet. I pulled her in a little closer and pushed a little harder. The chemistry was there, which had been missing for a while. It felt good. And it was in front of the Ex and her family, which was a bit uncomfortable but also kind of awesome. I’ll be sad when the show is over, because that means there might not be anymore.

This evening we will find out if we got parts in the next show, which girl #1 is directing all by herself. I will be slightly upset if we don’t get parts, but at the same time it would be our third consecutive show and that’s a hell of a lot of work. A break might be nice. Then, on Thursday, we are seeing cast M do the show. I am a little upset because girl #1 is filling in for her other and I have to see her with the other cast, but at the same time that could be kind of cool too. We will see how it goes.


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