It’s been an interesting few days, to say the least.

Our show opened on Saturday – it went very well, I think. We were out of sync with the orchestra in She Hadda Go Back, but that can be fixed. The rest was awesome. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday it snowed. I tried to be smart and drive up early so we wouldn’t get stuck on our way up, but the show got cancelled and we had to drive back home during the worst of it. It was fun though, I am a decent winter weather driver and my fishtails were controlled 🙂

On Sunday night everything iced over, and initially we just had a 2-hour delay but around 8 a.m. on Monday morning we got the call that school was closed. Having kiddo, I decided to take a personal day. Great decision. I got to read a lot and enjoyed some Subway for lunch. The roads were much better that night, so we went to my parents’ house and celebrated my brother’ 33rd birthday.

Then, on Tuesday morning, it snowed again. We got about 5 inches of the white stuff, so school was closed once again. Kiddo and I made a snowman, then ate the snowman like zombies. We also had a great snowball fight. The snow stopped during the early afternoon so by the evening things were much better and we went to the theater to audition for the next show. I’m not sure how that is going to turn out…calls go out on the 18th to notify people whether or not they got a part. Girl #1 is directing both casts this time. Part of me thinks this will tell me whether or not she’s interested in even associating with me…if we get parts, then she is. If not, then she isn’t. Maybe she’s more ethical than that and will make her decision based on some other criteria. Who knows. I am hoping for either a small part or, more preferably, a behind-the-scenes role as a producer or something. Kiddo wants to be in the crew. Another part of me wants a break altogether. No doubt, girl #1 will be so busy that we won’t have any time to hang out, so I need to just stop worrying about that.

This morning we had a 2-hour delay so kiddo got to come to work with me. Oh, one important thing that happened this morning – I stepped on the scale and weighed in at 189.5. I haven’t been under 190 in FOREVER. So that’s a big accomplishment, I need to keep doing whatever it is that I have been doing. This evening kiddo has a private skating lesson. Other than that, I guess I just have some homework to do, that sort of thing. I’m hoping it’s not too much.

Due to the show last Sunday being cancelled, they’re trying to organize another show for our cast this coming Sunday. Girl #1 doesn’t think we’ll be able to pull it off; too many people can’t do it. We shall see. I would love to get another show in.


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