So we ended up not even having rehearsal on the 18th, when I wrote my last post, and that was very frustrating. Even more frustrating because it was really just my other who couldn’t be there; if I had shown up, girl #1, Susan, and our Santa would have been there and we could have rehearsed something. Anything. Instead, I drove to the city and fooled around for two hours before going to pick up Kiddo at my parents’ house. Oh well. And then this week was the switch; I worked with my other’s cast on Tuesday and Wednesday while he worked with mine. We were going to last night and tonight as well but his business trip was cancelled, so he rehearsed with his cast and I’ll get to be with mine tonight. Which is awesome. I need to work on my act 2 lines, because I’m not off book on the courtroom scenes yet.

There’s also been a change to the final scene. Initially it was supposed to include a kiss, but I’m hearing that now Fred picks up Doris, kisses her on the nose, and somehow winds up proposing. To that, I say boo. We’ll see what happens tonight. Girl #1 and I rehearsed the kiss and I think it went well, the other cast doesn’t kiss so it makes sense for them to do something else.

I have started my next term at school – my tenth, to be exact. That’s a huge accomplishment. I did one term (not even) at my first college and then I think I did three at the next college, dropping out in the third. So I’m in uncharted territory. I’m still one term away from finishing my Associate’s degree. I need to complete the course I’m in now, and then take Statistics and Intro to Environmental Sciences. Then, I think I will take a break. Maybe. We’ll see if I need it.

At work I am having trouble staying motivated. Or, maybe it’s getting motivated at all. I feel like I have hit a ceiling; I’ve got ideas, and I can sell them to just about anybody, and I’ve gotten support from some of the administrators. But everything falls apart when it gets to the superintendent. And the worst part is that when he retires we’re going to get his assistant, and she can be just as bad. A whole room can agree on one thing, but they seem to think that their one perspective should be used to make decisions. That’s poor leadership, and I’m tired of pushing and pushing when the problem is their lack of willingness to see other points of view. At this point, I am just getting my main items done. Not worried about other technology initiatives. Not worried about Twitter. Not worried about Google, or Chromebooks, or anything like that. Just doing my thing. Eventually, when I see that culture of closed-mindedness changing (if it ever does) I will reach out again to see if people are really willing to rethink the way we teach and learn.


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