I’m back for more. Big news last night – kiddo and I both got parts in the latest show, which is exciting all by itself because it’s the big Christmas show and there are going to be a ton of people. Kiddo and I will both be on stage, which is what we really enjoy. But there is more to it than just that.

I have been getting hints and whispers sent in my direction for the past few weeks. We knew that kiddo would audition, but I had my doubts as it is a musical and I don’t consider myself a good singer. But people – girl #1 – told me that I should, and kiddo really wanted me to, so I did audition. On the night of auditions we got to the theatre good and early, and the director said to me, “I thought you weren’t going to audition!?!?” I said that I was. She seemed pleased by that and gave me a hug.

Good sign #1.

During auditions we had to sing and read lines. When it came to singing, the director walked around the room of men and listened. As she passed by me, she made a noise that seemed to say, “I knew you could sing, you liar.” Again, she seemed pleased.

Good sign #2.

I ended up reading a lot of lines that night. We were some of the last folks to leave. I was complimented by a girl there who compared me to Cary Elwes (from The Princess Bride). The director seemed to enjoy my reading.

Good sign #3.

A day or two after auditions, my friend and I were talking online and, in a deliberately vague way, told me that the male and female lead in the show have to kiss.

Good sign #4.

Conversations that have happened since then have all included some sort of hint or allusion to the fact that I may be cast as the male lead, although “anything can change” up until read throughs on Thursday night. But my friend did say that there were interesting phone calls being made.

Good sign #5.

Last night was, in a way, the culmination. I received a call from the theatre letting me know that kiddo and I had gotten acting parts in the musical. This was great news. But I was still nervous – what if girl #1 and I wound up in different casts? What if we didn’t get the lead roles? What was kiddo going to do there? I had no answers until I spoke to my friend again. She swore me to secrecy, so this is the only place where I’ll mention it – apparently the director is trying to play matchmaker as well by putting girl #1 and I in the lead roles for our cast. My friend seemed to confirm this to me and sent me a link to a script summary.

Good signs all around.

There are, from what I have read, two kissing scenes. This musical clearly has a romantic element to it; the male lead and the female lead have one of those relationships where they drive each other crazy, but only because subconsciously they are falling for each other. The guy is from the armed forces and is becoming a lawyer; the girl works in retail and is a single mother to one six year-old girl. She doesn’t believe in miracles; her husband walked out on her and broke her heart. So the undercurrent to this incredible story is that miracles do happen; that broken hearts can be mended; that love is the reason for the season. It gives me chills. I am so excited for this show, and at the same time I am incredibly nervous about having a lead role and playing opposite girl #1, who is very talented. If I do get the lead role I will need to step up my performance and really blow everyone’s socks off. And I do hope that she and I grow closer from this potential experience. And kiddo too! She deserves to be happy. I hope that this makes her happy, that she sees the truth in the message and believes that our little family can somehow be happy and secure again.


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