I managed to pass both of those tough college courses with a B. Thank God. I didn’t really learn anything, but I got the credits.

This week we will celebrate Thanksgiving. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you want to see it, we will most likely be celebrating it out of town at a resort. It will be absolutely fantastic to celebrate and relax without any of the family drama that usually surrounds holidays, but at the same time I am a bit disappointed that we do not have any family or friends around us that we want to share time with. My family seems borderline neurotic sometimes and I get sick of politics being brought up…their views really disgust me and I get agitated when they start badmouthing other people. And, of course, my wife’s family is certifiably neurotic. No need to go down that road again. So we will hit the road and spend a few days at a resort in West Virginia where the buffet lasts all day and the football games will be on all sorts of televisions. Sounds nice. Then we will head to the western part of the state and visit with a few more people before returning home. It sounds like the dog will be joining us for the trip, which will hopefully work out well.

Whether I like it or not, we have found some success in keeping kiddo’s schedule as packed as possible. She has ice skating practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. She has theater class on Tuesdays, ballet on Thursdays, and voice/piano on Fridays. And she goes to church with her grandparents on Sunday. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for us to do other things, but it does seem to help her stay out of trouble. And she’s getting quite good at ice skating and singing!

I am hoping to get a Chromebook for Christmas – it would be incredibly useful for me to have a device that I can take with me wherever I go and do homework when I have WiFi access. At $199 they are quite affordable, and perhaps I’ll even find one on sale this weekend. My wife would like an iPad, and I would like to get her one. But she also wants a video recorder, a camera, a ring, a bed, some furniture, and money in the bank. It is a seemingly impossible task to get her everything she wants! But I will try. (That’s for you, babe, in case you’re reading this!)


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