Nearly three months have passed since my last entry! Much has happened since then. Where to start…

We successfully moved all of our belongings out of the old house, but at quite a cost – none of us have been back to church since. I feel a bit alienated, and I feel as though I did some alienating as well. But it is what it is. I do not feel comfortable going back and I do not feel as though I really want to be friends or even acquaintances with the people there. I tried for too long to be their friends and often I feel as though I never developed any sort of connection with most of them. We moved them, they moved us, life went on.

I continue to succeed at the school district. I am going to become an instructor for the state school business organization next year, and I hope that it might someday become a regular gig; going around the state training people on how to do their jobs better. I have successfully initiated several programs and am working on several more, including the BYOD (bring your own device) initiative that was about to fall flat right out of the gate. It can be salvaged if we make a true cultural change and support technology innovation instead of hiding from it. My work was even published in the newspaper, and I blog about it.

We are on another weight loss kick, and rightfully so. We are overweight. I have been drinking much more water than usual and have found a bit of success in doing so…I need to do better in consuming larger amounts of plant protein. I was the biggest loser in our first Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge event last week and I hope to repeat tonight. We shall see!

My education is moving forward…slowly. My two courses this semester were College Algebra and Microeconomics, both of which contain numerous theories, formulae, and complicated computations. It’s tough to get through! Especially when I procrastinate and do all of the work on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I need to do better.


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