As it was Independence Day, I reflected a bit on our nation and the current state of affairs. I have to admit that recently I have not felt quite too “patriotic” on holidays such as this. Our nation was set apart to be a standard bearer to the world, a light on a hill. And we clearly are no longer such an example. We spread our hate and filth around the world and call it “spreading democracy” and “promoting freedom”. Bah! We talk of our independence and freedom, but we shirk the sacred duties and responsibilities that come with said freedom. So that is why I am not feeling particularly patriotic today – we celebrate our independence and freedom by getting drunk, fat, and blowing things up.

I also did some thinking about Jennie today. We have taken significant steps recently to help her stay in the country. Her mother is still working at the cafe. She asked us to become godparents at first, but then it became a request for us to become legal guardians for Jennie in the event that her mom would ever be deported. Last week we took them both to a public notary to sign papers to this effect. Now we have the ability to put Jennie on our insurance, enroll her in school…in short, we can help her take advantage of her rights as an American. Her mom, unfortunately, we cannot do much for. She came to this country around the age of 17, already pregnant, and she has no protection against being sent home. At some times I feel as though we are like the family that hid Anne Frank from the Nazis. There is such a terrible sentiment in this country against immigrants, especially those who came here without going through the government sanctioned process. We have to be careful about who we talk to about Jennie’s mom because we are afraid that somebody will turn her in.


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