It has been almost two months since I last wrote anything, and as always things are constantly changing.

The townhome in the city turned into a full house in a suburban town…with a pool. We moved in last week and have been packing/unpacking/cleaning steadily, so I am low on energy and high on stress. This house is $1,400 per month which feels a bit high but it’s pretty close to other homes that we have looked at, and I know that with some discipline we can pay the rent on time.

My old business partner tried to take my things, and failed. We wound up going to the Sheriff’s office for an “interpleader hearing”, in which my wife and her dad staked their claims to the items that had been levied upon. When all was said and done, the only items left on the levy were the washer and dryer (which are our landlord’s) and a friend’s things (since she didn’t care to show up at the hearing). I’m not sure what his next move is. I’m sure it’ll rear its ugly head at the most inconvenient time.

My business has done well – I was paid $496 for a website and am set to make $200 more from another. I enjoy web design…it’s an art form, and therapeutic.

All good things considered, we are doing well. I am very tense and stressed due to all of the changes that are happening. But I am also on a long vacation from work, so I have time to get everything in my head sorted out before going back to school.

I hope that I do not wait another two months to write!


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