I am having a much better day today than I have in the past…who knows. Before I can remember, I suppose.

Have $1,000 in the bank, almost $600 more in a check, and hopefully I’ll be getting almost $500 for website design in the near future. And $350 more from insurance money. Then next week we’ll get nearly $1,700 more. That’s going to get us into a townhome in the city.

On that note, I think we’ve decided that we are moving out of the district. Kiddo will be able to finish her year at school but next year she’s going to be in a private school (as long as we can afford it). Our options now are these: either we will move into a $1,250/month townhome, or we’ll move into a $1,215/month townhome. The latter will probably take us without any deposit money, but we’d prefer the first one…it’s just nicer in general, and not in the middle of an apartment complex. I am feeling very optimistic about moving.

My web design business is about to get off the ground. I have several projects that will remain independent, but many of my future projects will be coming through my dad’s business. He will add an administrative fee to whatever my charges are, and I will work as a contractor. I am excited to be producing quality work. It is very enjoyable to me, and I am learning a lot.


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