We are slowly getting closer to a resolution in many areas of life. We are not out of the metaphorical woods yet.

After having our property catalogued to be sold, we received some paperwork from the Sheriff’s office that will allow us to protect our items. The Ex, The Ex’s dad, and the roommate will all have to attend a hearing at the Sheriff’s office to claim that the property to be sold is theirs, not mine. The Ex and I share joint ownership of all “our” items, so by law they cannot be taken since I was the only person sued. It’s a hassle, but our attorney is confident that our things cannot be sold. Where we go from there…who knows. Part of me just wants to settle this debt through a payment plan, but if our assets are protected then I may go back to the other attorney and ask for a smaller settlement then before. Perhaps they’d rather get something than nothing.

We’re also looking at housing options. There are very few homes that meet all of our criteria…in the school district, take dogs, no double-deposits, three bedrooms, gas heat, etc. It looks like we’re going to have to move into another school district at least for a year or two. And even then, we may not care after putting kiddo into another school – all public schools, even this one, are deeply flawed. I am somewhat looking forward to living closer to the city again. There was just so much more to do there. We need to move soon, because the landlords told us that they received an offer on their house.

My schooling is going well. I have entered my second term at the University. I received A’s in both courses last term, so I think it bodes well for continued success this term. My time management skills are still lacking, so if I am able to improve them I may be even more comfortable in a virtual learning environment.

Our new diet is perhaps the most enjoyable recent change. My new motto – “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” comes from a good book that I have been reading, titled “In Defense of Food”. I feel better physically and emotionally when I abstain from eating meats and processed foods and beverages. If I can add an exercise component to my routine, I’ll be losing weight quickly and becoming more healthy.

Our financial system is still a wreck. We just discovered that we owe over $1,100 in utility payments to the gas, electric, water, and sewer companies. How we got that far behind, I have no idea other than to just say “we didn’t pay the bill”. Shut-off notices show up every week. It’s so disappointing, to be living rent-free (we haven’t paid the landlords anything since January or February) and not be saving money. The car payments and constant shopping and eating take their toll. It doesn’t help that the roommate and the Ex’s dad contribute virtually nothing. We are a hotel…a hotel that will be closing soon!

On a spiritual note, I’m pleased to have taken the time to request a temple recommend interview at church. I feel ready to go back. I want to go back, even if it is by myself. I need to be able to sit and think in a House of God. I need guidance that I can only get at the temple. And most of all, I feel worthy to go.


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