So the plan for yesterday was, and I quote, “I will go home and get the house ready for a showing and take the dogs out for another walk with Kiddo”.
I guess it’s fair to say that I did everything that I planned to do. I also did some things that I did not plan to do.
I got home and began cleaning up the house. The Ex arrived and helped. At about 5:50 we walked out the door – Kiddo, the dog, and I went for a walk around the neighborhood while The Ex took her friend’s two dogs in the car. Shortly after 6:00 the realtor and interested people arrived to look at the house. By 6:15 we had completed our first loop around the neighborhood and saw that they were all still inside the house. Just as we were passing by the house I noticed a Sheriff’s deputy driving through the neighborhood toward our house. I flagged him down and asked if he was looking for my house number, to which he responded that he was. I told him that I lived there and that he was probably looking for me. He was. He said that he had to serve me with papers (related to the court case) and that we had to be at the residence. I told him that the house was being shown and that it might be a little while, so he drove to another appointment and said he would stop by a bit later.
The showing didn’t end until nearly 7:00. We all had to sit and wait for an uncomfortably long time. And, of course, the deputy sat and waited with us.
After the showing ended we all went to the house and the deputy told us that he was there to perform the actual levy of property, which surprised The Ex and I because I hadn’t been served with new paperwork. There was nothing we could do – the Ex’s dad took Kiddo out for dinner, and The Ex and I watched as the deputy cataloged our property to be sold. It was embarrassing and painful. He was very nice and answered all of the questions that we had. Finally, at 8:00, he left. The Ex’s dad and Kiddo came home, and we sat down for dinner. What a day.
Not surprisingly, the landlords texted me and asked why a Sheriff’s car was parked at their house. The neighbors, once again, had nothing better to do than invade our privacy and snoop on us. I am still fighting the urge to send back a nasty message and/or walk across the street and tell those people to mind their own business.
The Ex called the property management company today regarding the house that we had applied for in town. Apparently they had not pulled our new credit scores, nor had they received any responses from the landlords looking for a reference. I just sent them another reference that the landlords had already provided to me, but I feel a bit pessimistic about our chances of getting that property. I had hoped to have heard a decision by now.
On the whole, this has been an extremely frustrating and embarrassing time. The lawsuit, the landlord debacle, and our financial situation have caused us all a lifetime’s worth of pain. I’m ready to drop everything – just let the plaintiffs sell our things – and move on. When will this frustration end? How much of it is my fault? What am I supposed to be learning from all of this? I hope I get an answer soon…and some good news, for a change.
So my day has not gotten any better. We heard back that we were not approved for the property by the lake. I then received a note from my employer asking about personal calls made on my cell phone. And I’m still anticipating that a Sheriff’s deputy will be stopping by to deliver paperwork to me.
The question keeps coming back to me – how much of this is my fault?
I shouldn’t have gone into business with that crazy guy.
I shouldn’t have allowed so much money to be borrowed or spent.
I shouldn’t have gotten comfortable with using my work phone for personal use, even though there is no cost to my employer.
I shouldn’t have bought a dog.
I shouldn’t have this…I shouldn’t have that.


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