The hustle and bustle of life keeps me busy, which is good and bad. While I have less idle time in which to fool around, I also feel much stress and anxiety about getting everything done that needs to be done. And without fail, each week brings about a new set of crises. First it was the cars breaking. Then it was The Ex quitting her job (which I supported, for what it’s worth). Then it was the landlords’ proclamation that they’d like us to move by March 10th. This week it was house showings – one on Sunday that was canceled at the last minute, and another yesterday that was canceled forty-five minutes after it was to have begun. In both cases we took great care to clean the house properly and to remove the dogs. The stress of cleaning and making sure that the dogs aren’t seen is only compounded when we get the cancellation calls. I long to be rid of that house and all of the problems that come with it.

I have continued to use my time alone in the car to listen to the scriptures. I finished the four gospels of the New Testament as well as the Acts of the Apostles, and have now switched to the Book of Mormon of which I have completed 1 Nephi. I am impressed by the language and the exactness of the Book of Mormon; I do not believe that an uneducated young man could have written such a detailed and deep text. I would have a hard time believing that an educated man could have done it! I am also impressed by how well the words of the Book of Mormon fit together with those of the New Testament. Lehi’s family was indeed a branch of the House of Israel that was planted far away from the mother tree, as the parable of the olive tree goes. It makes me wonder what it is that I should be doing to assist in the work of grafting the natural branches back into the mother tree. It is clear that as a Gentile, it is my duty to take the gospel back to the House of Israel and to share the gospel with all those who seek it. I am not quite sure how to go about this on a daily basis without becoming too preachy. Who should I share it with? I pray for an answer.


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